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Dietary Analysis / Nutritional Analysis

Dietary Analysis


Using specialist nutrition analysis software, Amanda can offer Nutritional & Dietary Analysis services. An in-depth food diary analysis will be provided on an individual basis to provide you with your nutrient intake based on your food consumption. Vitamins, minerals among other important nutritional data will be provided in context with your personal needs, whether helping sports performance, managing weight, improving energy levels, disease prevention or general healthy lifestyle eating.

You will then be provided with accurate, evidence-based and relevant feedback to help you set goals based on your needs.


Different plans are available. Contact us for details.

~ 7-day dietary analysis based on a completed food diary

~ Comprehensive analysis and feedback provided on intakes of: Calories/Energy (Kcal), Sugar, Salt, Fats, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and more as appropriate.

~ Feedback of areas you of overconsumption or under-consumption and on identification of potential deficiency risks and guidance on prevention.

~ Breakdown of percentage contribution to you diet of each macronutrients/food group – Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats

~ Other nutrient intakes reported and feedback provided on include: Fibre, Sugars (glucose, fructose), Saturated fats, Trans fats, Starches and more.

Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional analysis of recipes and menus can be provided for magazine, food product developer, publishers and more. The service is crucial to help determine nutritional balance of menus and recipes and ensure that the key nutrients they contain adequately meet Dietary Reference Values (DRVs) as well as meet food labelling standards where appropriate.

Alongside standard nutrition breakdowns, Fons Vitae Nutrition can guide you in highlighting or identifying nutrition claims relevant to your recipes (5-a day, high fibre, low fat/sugar/salt, alongside advising on other healthy aspects associated to your products/recipes). depending on client requirements, recipe analysis reports can provide formatted information in the form of Dietary Reference Values (DRVs) for different population groups, Traffic Light Labelling information as well as Reference Intakes (RIs). Data provided is reliable and accurate.

Corporate Nutrition

Poor nutrition, sedentary habits and stress can have a significant negative impact on the health, wellness and performance of employees. The workplace is a vital setting for health improvement and employers can have a great deal of positive influence on their employees’ health and well-being thus benefiting their workforce and the overall  society.

Do you want to make your workforce healthier and happier?


Fons Vitae Nutrition are available to deliver Workplace Wellness and Wellbeing Days to empower and educate your workforce to improve their health and wellbeing, using a range of interactive tools adapted to each audience and to meet your company objectives. We offer a variety of workplace nutritional packages and can deliver more bespoke services through health checks, events, seminars/workshops, cooking demonstrations including workplace menu analysis, comprehensive feedback, onsite individual consultations and more.

Investing in workforce health and well-being is valuable as robust research has shown that ill health & poor nutrition reduces productivity (8%) and increases absenteeism (15% more than healthier counterparts) within the workplace.

Our diet and nutrition based Workplace Wellness programmes are interactive, engaging and educational and will facilitate improved health and wellbeing which consequently may help boost productivity and reduce absenteeism.


Outcomes associated to improved health and well-being in workplaces include:

~ Improved overall wellbeing

~ Maximized cognitive performance

~ Reduced incidence of sickness

~ Reduced absenteeism and time lost, stress and depression

~ Increased energy levels and motivation

~ Energy optimisation

~ Improved productivity

As a result of good nutrition, business output potential may be maximised and costs associated with lost time and decreased productivity reduced, giving you a rewarding return on your investment while optimising employees’ wellbeing, motivation and morale. Encourage and aid your employees to choose healthy nutritious food for healthy, balanced lives.

Services provided may include and are not limited to:

~ Stress reduction

~ Nutrition for Performance (Healthy eating to improve performance)

~ Healthy Workplace Snack and Meal Ideas (Demonstrations & Snack Tables option available)

~ Understanding Food Labels in relation health

~ Nutrition for disease prevention (Reducing risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

~ Food Demonstrations  (How to prepare quick, nutritious snacks and meals. Ingredients and nutritional benefits will be discussed, and supporting handouts ad recipes provided. Attendees can then sample the food.


Consultations in person, via Skype, FaceTime or over the phone available










WEANING: Support around introducing solid foods in your baby's diet, along with other key information and guidance to ensure that your growing baby is receiving all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals and is introduced to a wide range of flavours and textures to help promote a healthy diet. This can positively impact food choices as they develop and grow into adulthood.












Support with FUSSY EATING and challenging behaviour with food. 

Making the correct decision for your children's health can seem confusing and daunting. FVN can support you and simplify nutrition for your children in a way that fits into your daily routine.














Jump start your healthy habits today with an experienced and responsible Nutritionist. Whatever your current diet is, Fons Vitae Nutrition carefully evaluates each client and formulates a personalized plan based on your specific needs, be it managing weight, improving sports performance, increasing energy levels, general healthy eating and more.

Amanda has worked with clients on a private consultation and group basis delivering workshops, lectures and wellbeing events. 

If nutritional guidance and support is what you’re looking for, book your consultation today.

One to One Consultations


For clients in need of individual dietary advice for them or their children, FVN conducts one to one dietary consultations in person, via Skype, FaceTime or over the phone. Consultations that are not in person are suitable for those on a limited budget and who may be limited in relation to traveling but still require reliable, evidence-based nutritional guidance and support to facilitate positive dietary changes.

Consultations will be comprehensive and can be around overall diet, approaches and plans for improved health and well-being, or can be more focused providing expert advice on areas including:

~ Portion Control

~ Healthy Eating for Disease Prevention

~ Achieving a Healthy and Balanced Diet

~ Nutrition for Performance

~ Understanding Food Labels & Health

~ Effective Meal Planning

~ Nutritional Behaviour & Lifestyle Change (Goal Setting, Self-Monitoring, Mindfulness & Physical Activity)

…and much more.

Whatever your needs, our goal is to help you adopt sustainable healthy eating and lifestyle changes tailored to you.

Home visit consultations may be available on request and travel costs apply for face-to-face consultations outside the Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire area.


Where appropriate, clients may be referred to other healthcare professionals.

Nutritional Speaker

Nutritional Lecturing / Interactive Workshops / Training / Conferences


We may know what we should eat, but applying it and incorporating it into our varying circumstances can be a challenge. Fons Vitae Nutrition is here to help you bridge the gap between knowledge and implementation through delivering healthy lifestyle workshops, lectures, seminars and more to groups who want to learn about nutrition, healthy eating and its application in their everyday lives.


Amanda has run interactive healthy eating workshops in schools, and workplaces, delivered workplace training seminars, nutrition up-date and training workshops and talks to health professional, front-line staff and students. She enjoys presenting to large groups and smaller groups alike from varying backgrounds and can communicate complicated scientific nutritional information in a way that others can understand and enjoy. She is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker whose goal is to inspire, empower, motivate and educate, to influence positive behaviour change.

Amanda has presented, trained and spoken on topics including weight management, healthy eating, motivational interviewing, childhood and adult obesity and more; in the community - schools, GP surgeries, working with local authorities, food banks, universities, workplaces and more.


Fons Vitae Nutrition caters for varying budgets, ages, groups and tailors each package to you and your needs.

Fons Vitae Nutrition can deliver group health promotion including:


One-off or a series of Nutritional Workshops such as:

~ Nutrition courses

~ Cooking Workshops 

One-off Workshops, Lectures or Seminars tailored to:

~ Teachers, Employees

~ Clubs: Gym Staff, Members, Spas, Athletes, Sports People, Coaches

~ Healthcare professionals, Health farms

~ Children and/or Parents*

~ Community Groups: Residential/Care homes, Churches

Contact Fons Vitae Nutrition if you are interested in booking an interactive bespoke workshop, conference, lecture or event at or by completing our contact form.

Recipe Development and Catering

Fons Vitae Nutrition provides a service to support new product developers and others in the catering industry by supporting with guidance on healthy meals plans, recipe development and support to improve the nutritional value of your products.

Amanda’s experience working in cooking skills and nutrition with the The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food) fed her passion for healthy cooking and recipe development. She is passionate about creating delicious, nutritious meals as well as teaching children, adults and those in corporate environments these skills.

Amanda has worked with several organization in improving the nutritional content of their recipes/meals in addition to helping them develop new recipes. Visit our blog to see some examples of healthy, tasty recipes developed by Amanda.

General Nutrition Consultancy

Amanda is skilled at translating and communicating complicated nutritional science into simple, clear and easy to understand messages which is effective in other consultancy services she provides.

Fons Vitae Nutrition offers additional nutrition and health services including:



~ Event attendance to promote health, products, services and share nutritional information tailored to your audience.

~ Producing scientifically accurate nutrition messages for campaigns and help with promotion.




~ Assistance with book reviewing, writing and proof-reading

~ Media consultancy including the internet, radio, TV and newspapers

~ Article writing and guest posts about diet and nutrition for magazines, websites, blogs, consumer press and health & fitness publications.

~ Quotes and articles for health information packs and consumer leaflets for publication.

Contact us for details and costs as projects may have specific requirements.

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